Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOtouch™ RESP

Long Term EEG

  • EEG Headbox with 6 EEG + 1 EMG / ECG
  • Up to 21 hours recording time
  • SOMNOtouch with a high resolution touch screen for easy handling and immediate signal checks
  • Continuous recording of impedance
  • Display of impedance with colored LED‘s
  • Direct signal check on tablet PC via Bluetooth

Ambulatory Sleep Scoring

  • Cardiorespiratory Screening with the Headbox for ambulatory sleep scoring according to R&K and AASM (4 EEG + 2 EOG + 1 EMG)optional: PLM sensor for detection of periodic leg movements, detection of correlations between PLM and cortical arousals
  • Highest patient comfort: 10 channels integrated in main unit, miniaturised design

Integrated sensors:

  • Flow & Snore (nasal cannula)
  • Effort Thorax & Abdomen
  • SpO2, pulse rate
  • Body position
  • Movement (for sleep/wake estimation)
  • CPAP-/BiPAP pressure

External sensors (optional):

  • Headbox for sleep scoring (R&K / AASM)
  • PLM
  • ECG
  • Continuous, non invasive blood pressure



Diagnostic Devices


Calibration RESMED Device

Maintenance RESMED Device

Rental Resmed Device

Sleep Diagnostic Test: Apnealink™

Sleep Diagnostic Test: ApneaLink™ Plus

Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOscreen™ Plus

Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOtouch™ RESP

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