AirFit P30i

  • Top-of-the-head tube design gives patients the freedom to sleep in many positions
  • AirFit P30i pillows cushion is interchangeable with AirFit N30i nasal cushion
  • QuietAirTM diffused venting designed to minimise noise and disruption
  • SpringFit frame is designed for fast and accurate fitting
  • Only two AirFit P30i mask starter packs for easy stock management

A more natural sleep experience

ResMed AirFit P30i is designed to feel more natural, with a top-of-the-head tube design that keeps tubing out of the way and gives patients the freeom to sleep in many positions.

It also features ResMed’s QuietAirTM vent technology that gently diffuses exhaled air to minimise noise and disturbance, designed to allow patients to sleep closer to their bed partner.

Designed for a first-time fit

The SpringFit frame comes in only two sizes and is designed to adjust to different facial profiles to provide a broad range of fit. This means you spend less time on patient setup with more fitting confidence.


Simplified ordering and inventory management

AirFit P30i has only two starter pack options; Standard with three pillow sizes, and Small with two pillows sizes. Simplifying your logistics, this limits mask-to-cushion configurations for streamlined ordering.


  1. ResMed external 7 days clinical study of existing 24 ResMed and non-ResMed patients, conducted between 21/02/2018 – 12/03/2018. Data on file; ID A4320645.



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