C-Series Tango™ CPAP
with heated humidifier


The ResMed C-Series Tango™ CPAP and heated humidifier combine
to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) in the home without
compromising performance or comfort.

The ResMed C-Series Tango and heated humidifier is a cost-effective solution that combines classic CPAP functionality with ResMed superior quality and reliability.

Classic features
• Quiet and easy to use
• Optional humidification
• Disposable water chamber
• User-friendly humidity controls
• Compliance monitoring
• Manual altitude adjustment
• Pressure operation from 4–20 cm H2O
• Ramp

The optional heated humidifier features an easy-to-use disposable water chamber and user-friendly humidity controls. The warm moist air that humidification provides has been proven to relieve symptoms of  ryness, making therapy more comfortable and, as a result, improving patient compliance.



Diagnostic Devices


Calibration RESMED Device

Maintenance RESMED Device

Rental Resmed Device

Sleep Diagnostic Test: Apnealink™

Sleep Diagnostic Test: ApneaLink™ Plus

Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOscreen™ Plus

Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOtouch™ RESP

SOMNOtouch™ NIBP Monitoring Test

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