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SOMNOscreen™ Plus

The SOMNOscreen(TM) plus is fitted directly to either the abodmen or thorax. The electrodes and cables are easily identified both by colour and mechanical coding.

The unit can be programmed to automatically start and run for a pre-programmed duration. Single and multiple measurements are programmable. Signals can be checked on the built-in display before recording starts!

Fast data transfer to the PC after recording: Insert Compact Flash card in the reader and you are ready to open and analyse the study within 20 seconds. Complete automatic analysis with analysis report printout within 2 – 3 minutes.


Technical Features

  • Miniaturized, portable unit – worn entirely on the patient
  • Up to 58 channels – 8 channels integrated in main unit
  • Modular design upgradeable at any time
  • Data recorded at 16 bit
  • Adjustable sampling rate up to 512/s (optional 4096/s)
  • Display with control keys allows PC independent set-up and operation
  • Signal check on display or at the patien’s bedside on a tablet PC
  • Li-Ion battery without memory effect. Provides 33 hours of continuous recording of a full PSG study
  • Data storage on high speed Compact Flash card with up to 2 GB capacity or up to 100 hours of PSG recording time