Welcome to Resindo Medika

Partner in Sleep and Respiratory Medicine

PT ResIndo Medika is the Sole Distributor in Indonesia for ResMed with location throughout the world. We provide continual patient support through all stages of treatment from testing to therapy, with regular follow up to ensure that the treatment is tailored to the needs at all times. We employ professional CPAP therapists with extensive experience in home therapy for sleep disorder and COPD patients. Our sleep technicians are providing full solutions to the sleep disorder problems of the patients.

Our Comitment

PT ResIndo Medika are committed to make OSA and COBD treatment a positive experience.

Our Mission

PT ResIndo Medika to provide full solutions for sleep disorder patients in Indonesia and be a leader in this field.

Our Vision

Providing comprehensive solution to help people with Sleep Disordered Breathing problems.

What We Do

Improve quality of life for people with SDB and patients with respiratory failure

Education, awareness, screening

Help the medical community and public to understand SDB and provide tools to identify people at risk

Innovative products and technologies

Raise the benchmark for effective diagnosis, therapy and patient comfort and compliance

Respiratory care solutions

Provide temporary or long-term ventilatory assistance

Monitoring systems

Ensure therapy meets clinical requirements



Diagnostic Devices


Calibration RESMED Device

Maintenance RESMED Device

Rental Resmed Device

Sleep Diagnostic Test: Apnealink™

Sleep Diagnostic Test: ApneaLink™ Plus

Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOscreen™ Plus

Sleep Diagnostic Test: SOMNOtouch™ RESP

SOMNOtouch™ NIBP Monitoring Test

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