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AirFit™ N10 for Her

The AirFit N10 for Her raises the bar for ResMed’s compact nasal masks, designed to deliver effortless performance, comfort and visual freedom in a user-friendly design. The AirFit N10 for Her is the female model of the AirFit N10. It comes with a smaller size cushion, designed to fit the size of the female nose and face.

The AirFit N10 for Her has an innovative under-eye frame that gives patients a clear line of sight, while the Spring Air™ cushion fits comfortably on the patients’ face and provides an optimal seal. It’s also convenient to wear, with unique EasyClick™ self-aligning headgear clips which make it simple to put on and take off.

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Key features

  • Designed for women. In addition to its small size cushion tailored for women, AirFit N10 for Her comes with smaller headgear and straps. It provides an optimal fit for women. Plus, patients can easily position the lower part of the headgear over or under their hair to suit their preference. Finished in pink and grey tones.
  • Comfortable. The Spring Air cushion fits comfortably on the patient’s face and the SoftEdge™ headgear features slimmed-down straps for maximum comfort and fewer facial marks. Circular diffused venting gently disperses exhaled air away from the patients and their bed partners – creating a quiet, peaceful sleeping environment.
  • Visual freedom. With a compact design and sleek frame that’s positioned underneath the eyes, the AirFit N10 for Her provides a clear line of sight so patients can read or watch TV – even wear glasses – while their therapy ramps up.
  • Stable seal. The dual wall Spring Air cushion is designed to provide patients with a comfortable seal as they move during sleep. The lightweight, durable flexi-tube is integrated directly into the frame, so it easily accommodates 360° movement without compromising seal.