ResMed’s sleep apnea masks combine lightweight comfort with a minimal design to provide superior fit and seal, helping ensure your sleep apnea therapy is as effective as possible.

    Full Face Mask

    Full Face Mask (6)

    Do you mostly breathe through your mouth? Then a full face mask is for you. ResMed's full face masks are designed to be lightweight and non-intrusive.

    Hospital Mask

    Hospital Mask (3)

    ResMed masks are lightweight and designed to be quick fitting and easy to use. They include comfortable and practical hospital masks, as well as homecare masks.

    Nasal Mask

    Nasal Mask (4)

    For patients who like the streamlined design of nasal pillows but prefer slightly more coverage over the nose, nasal masks are a popular option. Most are designed for a clear field of vision.

    Nasal Pillow Mask

    Nasal Pillow Mask (2)

    For patients seeking the openness and freedom of a nasal pillows mask, we offer several lightweight, unobtrusive styles designed to keep the patient’s field of vision clear while fitting snugly and comfortably.

    Pediatric Mask

    Pediatric Mask (1)

    ResMed's Pixi™ paediatric mask is engineered especially for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnoea in children.